Martha Schwartz Artwork

After seeing my website, a fellow reader of the series contacted me about posting some of her artwork. She is a long-time fan of the series and in particular favors the artwork by Harry Kane in the first 16 books of the series. Her name is Martha Schwartz, and she generously agreed to do some drawings, which I am posting on this page. She has also volunteered to draw some more pictures, which I will add as they are developed.

As you can see, Martha is a skillful artist and has drawn the boys in two different styles. The first drawing is an alternative to the cover illustration on "The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure." The detail is astounding and unfortunately cannot be conveyed properly in a scan. In addition to the excellent drawing skill, Martha added some beads and glitter to the Golden Belt to give the appearance of real jewels. The second drawing is a more generic drawing of the three (such as what could be on a logo) and is more in the style of anime. Again, the detail and poses convey the sense of action associated with the series, and she placed some glitter around the lettering and question marks to give an added effect.

Martha does her drawing in her spare time, having another full-time job already, and is quite devoted to the series. I'm personally looking forward to seeing the next artwork that she comes up with.

If you'd like to contact Martha to discuss the T3I series or her artwork, you can write her at . She is a true fan and is a pleasure to correspond with.

I've also recently added postings of all the internal illustrations from all the T3I books published in the United States. Just go to the STORIES section and click on the book title in which you're interested. Besides the US illustrations, I've also posted the UK illustrations by Roger Hall for those books that contained those.

In addition, my friend Seth Smolinske has posted T3I fan artwork on his site as well. Just go to and look for the section entitled "Fan Art and Writing."

Click on the links below to view Martha's artwork.