An Introduction

"Greetings, mystery lovers."

How many times were we faced with that salutation (or a similar one) as we opened a Three Investigators book and were drawn into a new mystery about the three boys from Rocky Beach, California, who had a secret Headquarters, a Rolls Royce, and a connection with a famous movie director?

This web site is the culmination of 25 years of reading the exploits of the boys we know as The Three Investigators ("T3I") and focuses mostly on the stories and the things that made the series special to us as readers. As you'll see, I have a fondness for the early stories written by Robert Arthur but still enjoyed the entries by William Arden, M. V. Carey, Nick West, and Marc Brandel.

For the moment, I have focused the material on this web site primarily around the original U.S. series of 43 books that included the character of Alfred Hitchcock in the first 30 books and the replacement character of Hector Sebastian in the last 13 entries in the series. I have also included some information on the "Crimebusters" series. I hope this web site will be one of the more comprehensive web sites dealing with the Three Investigators, and I invite feedback from you as you read the material I've assembled.

Onward then to the web site. Click on the buttons at the left to relive the The Three Investigators experience.