Questions To Ponder

This section is designed to raise questions about the T3I series for which there may be no dogmatic answer or which are just fun questions. The answers that I provide are usually conjecture and in some cases are not really answers at all so much as amplifications on the question. If you have additional questions that pertain to the stories of the Three Investigators that you would like to see in this section, please e-mail me. If I post the question, I'll give you credit for it.

  1. How old are Jupe, Pete, and Bob?

  2. Why did Hugenay change the spelling of his name?

  3. Why is Chief Reynolds grumpy in some books but not in others?

  4. Why is Alfred Hitchcock's face on the covers of only the first three hardback books?

  5. In "Stuttering Parrot," why does Jupe appear in some of the illustrations when it should be Bob?

  6. In "Laughing Shadow," why are Jupe and Pete illustrated in the cabin as prisoners when in the text it is Pete and Bob who are prisoners?

  7. Why does "Coughing Dragon" feel like déjà vu from earlier mysteries?

  8. Where is the "Secret Four" entrance to Headquarters?

  9. How many secret entrances are there to the Jones Salvage Yard?

  10. Where is Rocky Beach, California?

  11. Is there something special about how the books are named?

  12. Why is the introduction for "Green Ghost" so long compared to other introductions?

  13. What do we know about Jupe's family?

  14. Why did Dennis Lynds and Kin Platt use pseudonyms when writing books for the Three Investigators series?

  15. Where did Robert Arthur live?

  16. Were the Chumash Indians real?

  17. Whatever happened to Worthington, and was his involvement with the boys realistic?

  18. Could the Ghost-to-Ghost hookup really work the way that it was described in the books?

  19. Whatever happened to Carlos from "Stuttering Parrot"?