Diagram of the Jones Salvage Yard

Based on the descriptions and illustrations, I have put together a block diagram showing what seems to be the layout of the Salvage Yard. As I said earlier, there is some uncertainty in the placement of some landmarks, but hopefully I have interpreted the clues and visual evidence sufficiently. There are, of course, other details that I could speculate on and add to the drawing, but I've tried to stick pretty closely to what is readily gleaned from the books themselves.

As you will see, I've also included my best guess of where Headquarters is located within the salvage yard, along with a possible location for the entries to Easy Three, Door Four, and Tunnel Two. Information pertaining to these is in the Headquarters section.

Consistent with "Stuttering Parrot," I've placed Red Gate Rover on a street corner, although the back street is more of an alley, according to "Fiery Eye." Jupiter's house is on the opposite side of the Salvage Yard from Headquarters because Jupiter walks past the front gate en route to Green Gate One in "Screaming Clock." I know that William Arden and M.V. Carey both placed the Jones home across the street from the Salvage Yard (in "Deadly Double" and "Flaming Footprints," respectively), but I think the evidence from Robert Arthur's books is pretty clear that the house was intended to be beside the Salvage Yard.

If you see some more clues that will help refine the picture of the Salvage Yard, please e-mail me and let me know.

A. Red Gate Rover
B. Easy Three Entrance to boiler which leads to Headquarters
C. Tunnel Two
D. Jupiter's outdoor workshop
E. Salvage Yard shed that hides Jupe's workshop from the Salvage Yard Office
F. Green Gate One
G. The Jones Salvage Yard Office
H. Hans and Konrad's home
I. The Joneses' home

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