Listing of Harry Kane Illustrations of the Jones Salvage Yard

The following illustrations by Harry Kane show various scenes inside the Salvage Yard. Page numbers refer to the hardback editions. (Click on the page number to see the illustrations)

  • "Fiery Eye, " pp. 54, 83, 143

  • "Screaming Clock," pp. 52, 134

  • "Talking Skull," p.41

  • "Flaming Footprints," p. 12

In general, the illustrations agree pretty well with the text descriptions, and Harry Kane gives a little more detail in his drawings. For instance, the salvage yard office is shown close to the front gate but off to the side with a fence close behind it; presumably, the Jones house is near this fence, since the house is on the opposite side of the yard from Jupe's outdoor workshop, as described in "Screaming Clock". This would place Hans and Konrad's house near the back corner on this side. There is also a building that is shown in the scenes of Jupe's outdoor workshop in both "Fiery Eye" and "Talking Skull"; this building can't be the salvage yard office because there's not sufficient room behind the office (remember that Green Gate One is located 100 yards from the front gate and directly enters Jupe's workshop and Kane shows the salvage yard office close to a fence). Furthermore, Jupe located his workshop to be an escape from Aunt Mathilda so it is likely that this building is some type of shed that is used for storing materials. That being the case, it is also likely that this shed lies between Jupe's workshop and the salvage yard office.

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