The Artwork of Lark Pien


A few months back, Lark sent me an e-mail with a link to some of her artwork. Lark draws with a natural style, and her artwork is quite good. I've inserted some of her drawings below, and I hope that you will enjoy them.

Lark has her own website with lots of her drawings and other information on artwork. You can find the portion of her website that deals with the Three Investigators at . From there, you can surf to her other projects and her blog. It's quite a place to visit.

In her e-mail, Lark referred to these as doodles, or rough drawings. As I was editing the drawings, one of my sons walked in and saw the artwork. I told him that Lark said that these were rough drafts, and my son's comment was that these were rough drawings, he'd love to see finished artwork from Lark.

I totally agree. Some of the scenes below are from scenes in the book; others are fictitious in nature but are quite fun to see. Just click on the thumbnail to see larger version of the artwork, and a special thanks to Lark for sharing these with me and with the T3I community at large.

This image is a collage of several scenes. Larger versions of the scenes are included in other drawings

Obviously, Bob Andrews with Blackbeard on his shoulder. This version of Bob has no glasses, but he does have blonde hair. Sort of a cross between his first incarnation in "Terror Castle" and his later appearances starting with "Whispering Mummy."

The Three Investigators

Lark's drawing of Hugenay (or Huganay, depending on which book is being read at the moment!).

First Investigator Jupiter Jones

Jupe is apparently a little upset with Blackbeard at the moment, but I'm sure Pete will come to Blackbeard's assistance.

The boys are pondering the mystery of Socrates (or the Mystery of the Talking Skull, as we commonly know it)

Again, another collection of images. Well drawn with the boys in quite natural poses.

The boys with Blackbeard.

Some rough drawings from "The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow."

A somewhat humorous illustration showing Pete having to boost Jupiter up onto a wall.

A good "thinking" picture of the boys inset with Blackbeard and the mystery of the stuttering parrot.