Worthington as he appeared in "Stuttering Parrot." A frequent companion of the boys, he and the gold-plated Rolls Royce were a major source of transportation for the Three Investigators.

Worthington is the proper English chauffeur who drives the boys around in the Rolls Royce which Jupiter won in a contest. From the beginning, Worthington proved that he would be a good friend and loyal companion to the Investigators. He appreciates being part of the mysteries of the Three Investigators much more than driving around the typical boring older clients.

Worthington also serves as protector to the boys several times. In "Terror Castle," Worthington abandons the Rolls to go with Bob to find Jupe and Pete, who have been captured in the castle. And of course, there are several instances when the boys pile into the Rolls as they are being pursued or as they are pursuing a suspect in which Worthington is quick to respond. He and the boys have mutual admiration for each other.

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