Skinny Norris

A surprised Skinny Norris gets the boot from Huganay in "Stuttering Parrot." Whenever Skinny showed up, it usually meant aggravation for the Three Investigators.

E. Skinner Norris is the archnemesis of the Three Investigators. He makes his first appearance in "Terror Castle," has cameo appearances in several more stories, and has a prominent role in "Shrinking House," "Dead Man's Riddle," and "Headless Horse." Skinny's father is a legal resident of another state which has a lower driving age than California; so Skinny, unlike the Three Investigators, is able to possess a driver's license, suggesting that he is probably between the ages of 16 and 17.

Skinny in particular wants to be a leader of those his own age but manages to have only a few cronies who hang out with him. He particularly dislikes the Three Investigators and sees it as a challenge to put them in their place by creating problems when he can. In the first three stories, he shows up quite frequently, intentionally wreaking havoc on the boys' investigations.

After failing in several attempts to discredit the Investigators in earlier stories, Skinny was quite diabolical with his actions in "Headless Horse" and as punishment was sent by his father to military school.

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