The Jones Salvage Yard

The Jones Salvage Yard serves as the focal point for many of the boys adventures, particularly in the early books of the series. Owned by Jupiter's aunt and uncle (Mathilda and Titus Jones), the Salvage Yard serves as a place for the boys to hang out and earn some extra money. The yard also gives them a lot of supplies for their detective work and conceals the trailer that the boy use as Headquarters.

In the books, we're introduced as readers to the secret entrances that the boys have put in the Salvage Yard fence, namely Red Gate Rover and Green Gate One. We're also told about Jupiter's outdoor workshop that is hidden from the Salvage Yard office so that Jupe has a little retreat. And of course Headquarter is hidden in the yard as well.

It's kind of fun to speculate about the relative locations of the salvage yard office, Jupe's workshop, Headquarters, Red Gate Rover, Green Gate One, the Jones house, and Hans and Konrad's home.The bulk of what we learn about the Jones Salvage Yard is from the descriptions in Robert Arthur's books and the illustrations in the books that were drawn by Harry Kane. So I've tried to piece it together using these two main sources to identify the major landmarks.

As I discovered in my quest, it doesn't pay to be too dogmatic about how things are set up. Robert Arthur's descriptions are not exhaustive, and Harry Kane's illustrations generally show only parts of the yard. However, you can follow the first link below to see a list that shows the major descriptions of the Salvage Yard from Robert Arthur's books. I haven't tried to list every mention of the various landmarks, just the ones that give relative location or descriptive information. I also have not included information on the entrances into Headquarters itself, since I cover that in the Headquarters section of the web page.

The links below show the information I've pulled together about the Salvage Yard. If you see some more clues that will help refine the picture of the Salvage Yard, please e-mail me and let me know.