Alfred Hitchcock

Not too much needs to be written about Alfred Hitchcock, since his life is well-chronicled. He was obviously a great movie director who also had a loyal following on television and in books. The only real-life character in the series, his name was usually featured more prominently on the covers of the original books than the "The Three Investigators," and the spines of the books carried the name "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Series."

Although Alfred Hitchcock's first encounter with Pete and Jupiter was less than ideal (Hitchcock was outraged at Jupiter's gross impersonation of him as a young boy), the relation ship between him and the boys became one of mutual respect.

Throughout the original series, it was common for Alfred Hitchcock to call Headquarters of the Three Investigators with a mystery for the boys to solve. Regardless of the source of the case, the boys would generally pay him a visit at the end of the story, give him a debriefing of the case, and have him write an introduction for the book (which in reality the individual authors wrote).

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