Hans and Konrad

Hans and Konrad as drawn in "Monster Mountain." Although Hans was drawn several times in other stories, this is the only illustration that shows them both.

Hans and Konrad are the two brothers from Bavaria who work at the Jones Salvage Yard. Both men are husky and frequently drive one or more of the boys on their excursions to solve a mystery. Conveniently, there is usually some junk to be purchased or dropped off nearby so that Titus and Mathilda don't mind their helpers being gone from the salvage yard.

Because of their physical stature, Hans and Konrad also serve as protectors of the boys on occasion, such as in "Screaming Clock," when Jeeters takes the clock from Jupiter. The two brothers are also very superstitious as evidenced in "Vanishing Treasure" when the subject of gnomes is discussed. Not too much distinction is made between the two brothers in terms of their personality, although Hans seems to be mentioned a little more often than Konrad.

Hans and Konrad have a significant role in "Monster Mountain," where they take the Three Investigators with them on a trip to visit a cousin whom they have not seen since they were children.

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