Chief Reynolds

Chief Reynolds as he appeared in "Flaming Footprints." The Chief appeared in illustrations in "Green Ghost" and "Talking Skull" as well.

Samuel Reynolds is the police chief of the Rocky Beach Police Department. He first shows up in "Green Ghost," where he is baffled by the appearance of the green apparition that is unexplainably seen by many witnesses. Two of the witnesses to the green ghost are Bob and Pete, and Chief Reynolds interviews them as part of his investigation. After the Three Investigators solve the mystery, a grateful Chief Reynolds gives them each a card that identifies them as junior deputies cooperating with the Rocky Beach Police Department, a card which the Investigators show when handing out their business cards.

Chief Reynolds appears in several more adventures of the Investigators. Unfortunately, his personality in each story is largely dependent on the author of the particular book (See Questions to Ponder). However, he is universally acknowledged as an upstanding enforcer of the law who wants to see justice prevail.

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