Mr. and Mrs. Andrews

Bob's parents have cameos in many of the stories and give us a glimpse of his home life. Bob's father is named Bill (revealed in "Green Ghost") and works as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. In addition to serving as a source of wisdom for the pivotal clue in several stories ("Stuttering Parrot," "Fiery Eye"), Mr. Andrews has taken a more active role in some stories ("Green Ghost," "Shark Reef").

Mrs. Andrews is one of the first characters to whom we're introduced in "Terror Castle." She's a frequent message-taker for Bob but has to write down the messages from Jupiter because they're not ordinary messages. Bob tries to give his mother a tutorial in what Jupe's messages mean in "Stuttering Parrot" ("the bird's on the wing, the case is the thing") but even after that she still has to write down the messages.

An interesting side note is that the first chronicled mystery solved by Jupiter Jones occurs prior to the actual formation of the Three Investigators. It is the case of Mrs. Andrews' missing engagement ring, described in the early pages of "Terror Castle."

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