Used Bookstores

Many of us live in areas where used bookstores are located. These stores do us an excellent service by buying back old books (hardback and paperback) that customers bring in. There are some great bargains at these stores so long as you are careful. Some used bookstores specialize in collectible books and antique books, and they tend to charge a premium price for T3I books ($10 for a paperback book and $30-$50 for hardbacks). The best bargains are usually found at the more common used bookstores (or book exchanges) where it is possible to stumble over a few T3I books on occasion.

When I travel to another town for business or pleasure, I sometimes check the phone book to see if a used bookstore is nearby. In fact I found a store back in March 2000 that sold T3I paperbacks for 30 cents each! Needless to say, I snatched them up immediately for my collection. Hardbacks are a little harder to come by at the used bookstores but not impossible.

Large flea markets sometimes have booths where people sell used books; so that is an option as well.

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