Where is the "Secret Four" entrance to Headquarters?

Robert Arthur makes mention of "Secret Four" in "Vanishing Treasure" after the boys foil the bank robbery by Rawley. Jupe has gone to the museum to recover the Golden Belt of the Emperors, and he calls Bob and Pete to tell them to test all secret entrances except Emergency One and Secret Four, an exit and entrance that are saved for desperate circumstances. Emergency One is later explained as being the escape route that the boys take after the midgets break into Headquarters, but there is no further mention of Secret Four.

Despite the initial temptation to write this off as a typographical error and assume that he actually meant Door Four, I tend to believe that Robert Arthur was alluding to an entrance to Headquarters that was not described in any other book. I base this on three facts. First, Door Four doesn't meet the description of an entrance that is saved for desperate circumstances. The boys used it routinely regardless of what was going on with their cases. Secondly, Jupe told Bob and Pete not to use Secret Four in their tests, yet by entering Headquarters after going through Red Gate Rover, they would have used Door Four (see the section on Headquarters, which explains the entrances and exits). Thirdly, when the midgets storm into Headquarters, they come in through three entrances, one of them being Door Four, which means that the midgets had seen Bob and Pete using it.

So…I believe there's a fifth entrance to Headquarters, but I have no clue where it is.

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