Why does "Coughing Dragon" feel like déjà vu from earlier mysteries?

The identity of Nick West was revealed on the official Three Investigators web site (www.threeinvestigators.com) to be that of Kin Platt. Whether he felt uncomfortable writing "Coughing Dragon" or if he started with Robert Arthur's notes for the book is not known. However, the biggest reason for the déjà vu feeling is that "Coughing Dragon" has three scenes that are lifted almost verbatim from earlier Robert Arthur stories. These are listed below:

1. Almost the same exact opening as "Vanishing Treasure"
2. After the boys' initial visit to Seaside, they receive a phone call that is much the same as the warning phone call from "Terror Castle"
3. When Bob does his research on Seaside, the printed information he finds on the town is very similar to what he found in his research in "Fiery Eye"

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