In "Stuttering Parrot," why does Jupe appear in some of the illustrations when it should be Bob?

This is one of those "gotcha's" that crops up in any book. After Bob and Pete are captured by Mr. and Mrs. Claudius, Mr. Claudius takes them back to his apartment. While there, he tries to discover what they know about the case. Harry Kane has an excellent illustration of Mr. Claudius threatening the boys with a serpentine dagger...only it's the wrong boys. The picture clearly illustrates Pete and Jupe instead of Bob and Pete. To verify this, just compare this illustration with the others in the book, and you'll see that despite Bob's different appearance in this book, there is a mismatch between the text and illustration. The next illustration in the book also shows Jupe and Pete in Mr. Claudius's truck when it should be Bob and Pete.

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