General Kaluk and Demetrieff
("The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints")

Kaluk (right) and Demetrieff were from the country of Lapathia. The General was a military man who was used to having his orders obeyed.

General Kaluk and Demetrieff show up in Rocky Beach looking for Alexander Potter (aka Alexis Kerenov aka The Potter) in "Flaming Footprints." The General has had a bloody past, being part of the most revolution in Lapathia where the entire royal family was killed. His search for Kerenov is to track down the royal crown with which Kerenov had been entrusted.

The General and Kaluk make their headquarters in Rocky Beach at a house that overlooks The Potter's home. After The Potter's disappearance, the General is at a loss what to do other than to wait for The Potter to reappear. The boys suspect a connection between Kaluk and Kerenov and spend much of the mystery trying to determine the connection.

Being in the military and having such a bloody past, the General has no patience for those who get in his way. His encounters with the boys, therefore, always have an air of tension.

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