Descriptions of Headquarters

The following table lists many of the descriptions that are in the Robert Arthur books regarding Headquarters. I have not attempted to list every single mention of Headquarters in the books, just those that seem to give some worthwhile clues to how things are arranged. I also did not repeat descriptions if they were included in more than one book. The page numbers in the table refer to the original hardback versions.

Story Title and Page Number

Headquarters Description

"Terror Castle," pp. 6-7
  • The Jones Salvage Yard is located outside the main section of town.
  • A board fence surrounds the yard.
  • Local artists helped paint the fence.
  • Front section of the fence is covered with scenes of trees and flowers and green lakes and swans and an ocean scene.
  • The front gate is made of two iron gates from an old estate.
  • Green Gate One is located 100 yards past the front gate where an ocean scene is painted on the fence. A fish is in the ocean scene; to enter Green Gate One, you push the eye of the fish. Two green boards then swing up, giving entrance to a corner of the salvage yard that has Jupiter’s outdoor workshop.
  • A six-foot wide roof extends around the inside of almost all the salvage yard fence.
"Terror Castle,"
p. 26
  • Tunnel Two has one end in Jupe’s outdoor workshop. Tunnel Two is a galvanized pipe that goes under the trailer and ends at a panel that swings up into Headquarters.
"Terror Castle,"
pp. 52-53
  • Easy Three is the "easiest" entrance into Headquarters.
  • Easy Three is an oak door still in the frame that is unlocked with a key from a box of junk. Once the door is opened, you step into an old iron boiler and then cross through the boiler to a round door directly into Headquarters (presumably the side).
"Stuttering Parrot,"
pp. 40-41
  • The back fence of the Salvage Yard has a painting of the 1906 San Francisco Fire.
  • Red Gate Rover is located on the back fence about 50 feet from one of the corners, presumably the corner that corresponds to the front corner where Jupe’s workshop is located.
  • Red Gate Rover is so named because a dog is painted as part of the scene and was named "Rover" by the boys. To gain entrance, you remove the knothole that makes up Rover’s eye and then undo a catch inside the hole. Three boards swing up.
  • Red Gate Rover leads to Door Four of Headquarters
  • The roof of Door Four is a pile of heavy planks. To enter Door Four, you crawl under the planks and then stand up and stoop to enter a panel into Headquarters; presumably, the panel is in the side of the trailer.
  • Headquarters is inside a 30-foot trailer that was damaged in a wreck and is hidden in the salvage yard.
  • Robert Arthur mentions four secret gates to the salvage yard, but only two are ever described.
"Stuttering Parrot,"
  • Same basic description as in "Terror Castle" pp. 52-53, except that Robert Arthur points out that they used it "since no one was watching," indicating that this entrance is more noticeable from other parts of the salvage yard.
"Whispering Mummy,"
p. 8
  • Tunnel Two is roughly 40 feet long and ends underneath the trailer. A trapdoor in the floor of the trailer gives the boys access into Headquarters.
  • Headquarters has a desk, several chairs and various office equipment.
  • The trailer has a tiny darkroom, miniature lab, and a washroom
"Vanishing Treasure,"
pp. 140-141
  • Emergency One, "Secret Four," Tunnel Two, Easy Three, Red Gate Rover, and Green Gate One are identified as secret entrances. Secret Four and Emergency One are described as only to be used in desperate circumstances. Emergency One is used later in the story, but no more information appears about Secret Four.
  • Easy Three is used only when the yard is deserted and no one is looking.
"Vanishing Treasure,"
pp. 146-147
  • Emergency One is accessed through a skylight on the roof over the desk. A slide is propped against the side of Headquarters to allow the boys to slide down to the ground, but they have to slide on their stomachs or flat on their backs.
"Screaming Clock,"
p. 16
  • Tunnel Two is described as being about thirty feet long.
"Talking Skull,"
p. 67
  • The laboratory is described as being only big enough for one person. However, the illustration on page 123 of this same book shows all three boys in the lab.

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