Jack Hearne

Jack Hearne took over the illustrating reins with the internal drawings for "Shrinking House" and "Phantom Lake" and continuing with covers and internal illustrations through "Magic Circle." Hearne's illustrations are probably closer in appearance to Vebell's than to Kane's, and like Vebell, Hearne tended to draw the boys with expressions of horror and fear on their faces in the cover illustrations.

Hearne also drew the boys as noticeably younger compared to Kane's illustrations. Whereas Kane drew the boys as being comparable in height to the adults, Hearne drew them noticeably smaller so that they appeared to be 13-14 years of age. However, this was in keeping with how the boys seemed to be written in later books; so the more youthful appearance of the boys is not entirely Hearne's doing.

Like Vebell, Hearne was a talented artist and contributed many good illustrations. Each book that he illustrated has at least one memorable drawing, and "Monster Mountain" in particular is nearly flawless in its ability to transport us to a mountain resort with its outdoor scenes.

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