Harry Kane Artwork

In the late summer of 2003, I was contacted by an art gallery, who wrote me to say that they had possession of a large portion of Harry Kane's artwork and were interested in making the Three Investigators artwork available to collectors of the series. Of course, I replied to their message, and we were able to arrange a meeting while they were on vacation near where I live. They brought several pieces from Kane's collection, and they allowed me to take digital pictures of the pieces.

The feeling of seeing original Kane artwork was quite enjoyable, especially when for so long we fans of the series thought it might be lost forever. His artwork is much more attractive in the original form than the reproductions that were used in the copies of the Three Investigators books. The lines are quite vivid, and the color in the cover artwork is striking, to say the least.

Cover from The Mystery of the Nervous Lion
Internal Illustration from The Mystery of the Fiery Eye
Colorized internal illustration from The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints
Intermediate sketch of an illustration from The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon