Roger Hall

Although Roger Hall was not an illustrator for the US versions of the Three Investigators books, he deserves a special mention for his work in the UK editions of the books. The covers of the UK books were admirable replicas of the US versions, but Roger Hall brought his own talents to the internal illustrations. Usually he drew the same scenes as those chosen for the US versions, but whereas the US versions were drawn in shades of gray, Hall used line art in his illustrations. The result is a style that is somewhat more crude than that drawn by Harry Kane, but because Hall followed Kane's style when drawing, there is still a familiarity to the drawings. There is also a consistency in the UK editions that is missing in the US versions, since Hall illustrated the T3I series in the UK at least through "Deadly Double."

Below are two scans that show the similarity and differences in the drawing styles of Harry Kane and Roger Hall. These illustrations are taken from "The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure" and show the boys' first meeting with Miss Agawam. The drawing by Harry Kane is on the left while the drawing by Roger Hall is on the right.
Special thanks to Ian Regan for sharing his scans of Roger Hall's illustrations with me.


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