M(ary) V. Carey

For many readers of the Three Investigators, it was a mystery why one of the authors of the series used initials instead of a first name on the byline. Of course, with a series that was usually inclined to appeal more to boys (although many girls also followed the series), apparently Random House felt that they shouldn't publicize the fact that a woman was writing some of the books.

M. V. Carey's first story was "Flaming Footprints" and like William Arden, her initial books had a lot of the same elements as that of Robert Arthur. Two of the major differences in Carey's books became evident as the series went on. Whereas Headquarters was a centerpiece in most of Robert Arthur's stories, it did not seem to take as prominent a role in Carey's stories. Secondly, Carey seemed to have a fascination for the paranormal, which she wove into at least four stories: "Singing Serpent," "Invisible Dog," "Haunted Mirror," and "Magic Circle."

M. V. Carey with William Arden is responsible for keeping the series going and deserves credit for writing many memorable mysteries for the boys.

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