Bob Andrews

Bob Andrews rounds out the trio of the Three Investigators as being in charge of records and research. Despite this modest title, Bob has his own unique role in the early books. In fact, it is Bob that appears on the first page of "Terror Castle" and helps give us details on the formation of the Three Investigators in their first adventure. Bob also serves as the clue-bearer for many of the adventures, either by research at the library (in "Screaming Clock," Bob is the first one to see the light on how to solve the written message left by Albert Clock/Hadley because of his research at the library) or by getting words of wisdom from his father (Bob's father points out in "Stuttering Parrot" that a graveyard is where dead men would guard a treasure).

Like Pete, Bob is generally not credited with the intellectual abilities of Jupiter, but he is still a valuable member of the team. When the Three Investigators split up for separate missions, it is not uncommon for Bob to go off by himself fearlessly or to serve as a decoy ("Stuttering Parrot," "Moaning Cave"). Bob also has strong analytical ability, is courageous, and knows how to take charge when necessary to protect his friends and solve a mystery (in "Vanishing Treasure," it's Bob who rescues Jupe and Pete from Rawley's clutches through some innovative ideas).

In the first few stories, Bob is hampered physically by a leg brace that he wears due to multiple fractures inflicted when he rolled down a stretch of hill. The leg brace, coupled with Bob's job at the library, made it a natural conclusion that he would be better suited for the research end of the firm. Bob's leg brace is removed between the end of "Whispering Mummy" and the beginning of "Green Ghost," (Robert Arthur describes its removal in the early pages of "Green Ghost") making him more able to take on physical activities such as shadowing suspects, fleeing from dangerous scenes, etc.

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